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Webtoon: UnOrdinary

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The world is not perfect. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization… that something needs to change…”

Uru-chan, the author of the drama web comic UnOrdinary introduces us to an interesting parallel universe, in which our main protagonist, John is known as “John the Cripple.” In this world though, the derogatory term isn’t meant for someone like it is in our world. You see, in UnOrdinary’s world, everyone seems to have a power of some sort. They’re heroes of sorts. Or main protagonist doesn’t, and therefore is considered a Cripple by the more jerk wad variety in the story.

UnOrdinary lives up to its drama tag as the story starts with a heavy yet interesting idea about sacrifice. The sacrifice itself is mentioned to not be sad, as we all assume them to be.

I enjoyed the unconventional way of looking at a normally sad concept, which will undoubtedly play a bigger role in the story as you delve deeper into it.

The comic takes no time in creating a supernatural high school setting, as the first things we see if a fight between two students for the last piece of chocolate cake, which is only served ever so often. It does so in a traditional manga/anime aesthetic.

It’s obvious that Uru-chan knows their audience, their genre, and knows how to use these tools to create a compelling story. Calling the supernatural setting ordinary creates a nice story based juxtaposition. It puts us, the readers, into an awkward place, but also makes Jon the perfect protagonist.

Early on, I did have a big lingering question: how in the world were these students able to bust each other up without any adult figures coming in for the rescue? Schools are rules … right?

UnOrdinary is a good, traditional high school supernatural drama that pulls you in with its familiarity, and it’s play on what it means to be different from your peers. As of right now, there are 63 episodes in the web comic. Check it out here.

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