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Tapas: Touch by Buku

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What would it be like to have X-ray vision? It sounds like an exciting prospect…that is unless your name is Dana, the lead character in artist Buku’s currently running webcomic “Touch

“Dana is extremely frightened of boys all because of her particular superhuman power. What exactly is her power? She has X-ray vision on anything she touches! Read on and see if this power turns out to really be a curse or a blessing.”

Touch” is different from many of the other webcomics we’ve recently read because it starts from ground zero and builds up its story as it goes along. Think of it this way – Buku basically takes your hand and makes you run from panel to panel without too many “breaks” for exposition, at least not in the first chapter.

Buku’s style is quick, but it’s not too overwhelming as you do get a little bit of background regarding her fear of boys.

Touch” has a standard webcomic style to it and it’s appealing in all the right ways. The color scheme is earthly with multiple shades of beige giving it a grounded appeal.

It lacks the typical shoujo brightness, which further sets it apart from others. It makes certain colors pop out more like some of the character’s clothes.

It should be noted that the comic got its start as a Korean webcomic and has been translated into English. The translation works, but there are times in which the dialogue feels a little stiff. In particular, when Dana’s backstory of why she’s fearful of guys has a few moments were the dialogue from the bully feels off.

He comes off a little too stereotypical and therefore unbelievable. He is a there and gone, but that’s all the more reason to give his time in the spotlight better treatment … even if he is just a douche bag.

One of the things that “Touch” does seem to rely on is the chemistry between its two main protagonists, and so far, the chemistry is working well.

Both characters have phobias, which not only causes much needed tension, but also makes them relatable to the reader. The title of the comic plays a comical role in the story’s biggest source of conflict.

Moving forward, we hope that “Touch” will continue with its pacing, but we also hope that some of the secondary characters get some better translations. Their time on the screen is short, but they’re just as important, especially when they’re a part of the backstory, where the story takes a quick pause and gives the reader some starved-for details.

Regardless of this, we still recommend “Touch” as a read for those who want a simple and fast paced drama genre webcomic to read.