TV Highlight – iZombie

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iZombie is one of those shows that will divide watchers into two categories. They’ll either love it or hate it, and here at PopGeekly we think you’ll love it and here’s why.

izombie TV Show - Review

The series is based on a comic book of the same name. It follows the story of the character Liv, a very smart medical student who is turned into a zombie after a not-so-fortunate night out. In order to speed up the story however, the show picks up several months after the fact. Things have fallen apart for Liv as she is no longer with her fiancé; she left her job, and is spending a lot of time alone.

It’s only natural for this to happen because Liv is hungry and like any zombie, she’s hungry for brains. So how does she deal with this? She works at a morgue, which gives her access to the dead who are still somewhat fresh, so to speak. Kind of gross? Yeah well, you know, zombies.

Eating their brains gives her flashbacks of the person’s life alongside with getting a trait of the person as well. Things get a little wonky for her when one of the brains she consumes ends up being a murdered victim. When she realizes this, she eventually decides to help with the investigation.

iZombie TV Show - Review

The pilot episode is a little slow, but that’s what you’d expect from a pilot. It’s meant to cram a lot of back story into the first half and then to present the viewer with some loose ends. The ending does have just a little bit of the ideal quirk that’ll come, with Liv telling us that she’s found something in her post-zombie existence that’s worth contributing to the world. Well that’s how the series feels in general.

iZombie TV Show - Review

The story may seem a little dreary and depressing, and it is, but it’s not persistent with what the show delivers. What it ends up delivering is wit and quirk, which is no surprise given that it is helmed by the same person who is in charge of Veronica Mars, which is another witty and quirky television show.

Fans will fall in love with Liz as she holds true to being both her own unique self but also being someone a lot of people can relate to, especially those who are stuck in the middle of feeling like an adult and failing at it.

This show has a lot to contribute to your night, so check out iZombie and let us know if you agree with us.