Retro Play: Transformers (80’s series)

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Before the successful video games and movie franchise of today, there was a colorful, well thought out, and still acclaimed cartoon show known as Transformers.

Many kids in the 80s and 90s grew up listening to the theme song, engrossed in the robotic voices of the characters and chose to either represent the good guys (Autobots) or the bad guys (Decepticons).

The series belied its cartoony nature by presenting complicated relationships, ones in which had characters being ambiguous in their loyalties, the complexity of a relationship between human and transformers, even the relationship between good and evil.

Retro Play: Transformers - 80s Series

That was perhaps one of the most important ideas in the show – good vs evil wasn’t merely all good and all evil. It was between two ideals which both had their flaws.

What’s interesting in particular about the first season is seeing where it all began. The series, owned by Hasbro, started out as a toy line. They needed a story for the toys and then we have Transformers.

Retro Play: Transformers - 80s Series

What’s obvious from watching the show is that this was done with a lot of care. Many people perhaps didn’t even know that the toys were the first part. It was also responsible for giving us the iconic voices of Megatron and Optimus Prime.

Perhaps the biggest thing to remember about the series itself is that this is where it started. It is easy for people to get swept up in the recent movies created by Michael Bay, seeing the explosion and agreeing that they make for great summer blockbusters.

Retro Play: Transformers - 80s Series

However, it wasn’t always about explosions and modernized exposition. It was about an alien race trying to find their way into the world, our world. It gave many kids their first taste of a life long obsession.

So go out and catch the first season of Transformers and let us know if it’s still as great as you remember.

Retro Play: Transformers - 80s Series