Retro Play: Kyle XY

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Kyle XY is an ABC Family (FreeForm) original series from back in 2006. The series does what current CW shows do which is to blend the teen and family drama with the supernatural.

In this case it’s more Sci-Fi. The question becomes who is Kyle. Not as human but is he an alien or some weird Frankenstein project from an evil corporation? This is where the original hook for the show comes in.

Matt Dallas plays as sixteen year old Kyle. He looks normal but is it really that normal to appear in the woods, slimy and naked without the ability to talk? Of course it’s not. Oh yeah and he doesn’t have a belly button either. So that’s pretty weird too.

Retro Play: Kyle XY - First Season

The character Nicole Trager, who is a social worker, takes him in. Her family takes it upon themselves to figure out his origins. Why can’t he remember anything? Because she sees thing logically, she and others assume it has to do with trauma.

This is the looming mystery but the episodic story comes from Kyle’s slice of life intake of living with Nicole’s family and learning to be a teenager.

Retro Play: Kyle XY - First Season

The series did a good job of balancing the normal and the Sci-Fi elements, especially for those who weren’t really into the Sci-Fi to begin with.

This can be a bit problematic for Sci-Fi fans at times because you will indeed have to stomach some teenage and family melodrama, let’s be honest here… If you’re watching this show, and interested in it, chances are you’ve been into shows like this for a while. The sci fi element however does grow on you when you get past the first season.

Retro Play: Kyle XY - First Season

Kyle himself comes off genuine and likeable. His quirkiness will keep watchers smiling, and his evolving sense of self and unraveled mystery will keep them holding on for the next chapter.

Kyle XY is a great show to binge if you like Smallville, Jessica Mars, and iZombie type of shows. It’s currently on Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

Retro Play: Kyle XY - First Season