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So here’s the thing, when we say “Vampire Diaries,” some people will groan. Although we’re not completely okay with that, we let them slip because even we admit that the show has seen some better moments as of late.

We will say however that people who criticize Vampire Diaries for imploding on itself should not automatically groan when thinking about its offshoot series, The Originals. This show has made our evenings all too painful in the most beautiful way.

The series follows the Original family of vampires in the Vampire Diaries world. Those who are familiar with the lore of the world will know that the Originals are the ones for whom all vampires originated from.

The characters, including Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca, are all characters that you will take turns hating and loving. They’re complex and each character shows us what it means to flip between the fleeting sense of humanity and the monster that dwells within.

Feature Play - The Originals - Movie Still

There’s a lot of family drama, which will remind you of how difficult families can be. What’s most interesting though is that even when things get crazy, and it does regularly, The Originals seem to always have each other’s backs…at least until they stab each other, yet again.

Critics and fans alike praise the series for being more mature then Vampire Diaries. This is because the series is not bogged down with high school drama like its predecessor. It gives the series a much needed breathe of fresh air.

Feature Play - The Originals - Movie Still

We get to see many of the characters come into their own. The series is also quicker to diversify its cast then Diaries. It’s nice to see that the series doesn’t bury it’s only form of diversity in a string of frustrating events that make you wonder if they’re trying to get rid of them.

The series is currently in its third season and has been given the green light of approval from CW for the time being.

Catch the first two season of “The Originals” on Netflix and as always let us know what you think of the series.

Feature Play - The Originals - Movie Still