Feature Play: Agent Carter

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Television heroes are finding a bit of a renaissance in the midst of Marvel’s success for the past few years. It was has opened up the doors for other characters within the universe to come out and find themselves in the limelight.

This is perhaps even more important to the characters that deviate from the static. This was one of the reasons why it was a cause for celebration when Agent Carter, one of the only shows starring a female lead from the Marvel universe, graced our television sets two seasons ago.

Coming out of the shadow of the Captain America movies, Agent Carter found herself transcending from a mere love interest into a full blown character.

The show had a strong beginning, with a clear and concise identity of its own, with a story that didn’t waste time on filler, and it had a solid group of actors to back up the prose.

Feature Play: Agent Carter - TV Series - Marvel

A brief synopsis: Agent Carter works for the SSR which is during the post-war year. Part of her struggle comes from trying to find an identity in a male dominated world. Howard Stark, who is accused of treason, goes to Carter for help. She accepts in turn helping to try and clear him of his bad reputation.

Other characters like Edwin Jarvis, help to add flavor to the already robust offerings of the show, with his “stiffer than thou” persona.

Feature Play: Agent Carter - TV Series - Marvel

But then why was it recently dropped, if given its rave reviews?

Sadly, that goes with views. Views unfortunately speak more than quality sometimes, and that’s exactly what we have here. For one reason or another, Agent Carter is suffering from Firefly syndrome.

Feature Play: Agent Carter - TV Series - Marvel

Luckily, we live in an age where we are not only seeing a hero’s renaissance, but also the birth of alternative routes for more niche television shows like Agent Carter to go.

Petitions have already started making their rounds online. Fans of the show will not let Carter go down without a fight.

Feature Play: Agent Carter - TV Series - Marvel

Hopefully we will see someone pick up the show, or it could get the Firefly treatment, with a final movie.