Remastered: Being an Old School JRPGamer is Awesome!

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As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, this gaming era has seen the rise of the JRPG. While western RPG’s have dominated sales for a while, games like Final Fantasy 15 and Persona 5 saw the JRPG become a staple in modern gaming and even bring in a new crop of gamers into the once stalling genre.

All this is great if you’re a general JRPGamer, but what if you’re more of an old school JRPG ‘r?

You want those older style games to make a comeback right? You’re like me and miss games like Xenogears, the original .Hack series, or sadly abandoned Legend of Dragoon.


Well, while not all of these titles have made a comeback (yet…fingers crossed), there are quite a few other titles that are being remastered.

Remasters are quickly become a staple of the modern gaming experience. It seems like each month or so we’re getting word of yet another remaster that is coming out at some point soon.

For this reason alone, I have to say that I, as a veteran JRPGamer, am very, very excited to be part of this gen.

On one hand it is surprising because JRPGs have all but disappeared from the market, after the fiasco that was Microsoft pouring copious amounts of money into making many of the JRPGs either exclusive to (in some cases timed exclusive) the Xbox 360 last gen, I’d never dream of getting so many remakes.

Since then, it’s been obvious that Xbox just isn’t going to trump Sony and Nintendo in the Japanese gaming market.

Years later though, I’ve enjoyed remasters such as Final Fantasy X/X2, Type-0, XII, the Kingdom Hearts series, and can’t wait to get my hands on .Hack//GU’s remaster this November!


And the parade continues on with one of the biggest surprise remasters: Secret of Mana.


Previously mentioned titles are more from the early 2000-mid 2000’s era. Secret of Mana is from the 16-bit era of JRPGs!

For its time, it was considered one of the greatest games to come out on the Super Nintendo. It was acclaimed for its beautiful, colorful aesthetics, and it’s innovative combination of JRPG standard tactics and action elements.

Not to mention it had quite the beautiful soundtrack to go with it. I’d argue that the successes of the previously mentioned remasters are helping to pave the way for older gems like this to make their brilliance known to a whole new audience.

The remaster, it seems so far, pay homage to the previous game. It’s still has the top-down camera. It’s 3D this time around, but you still get that old-school “walking through the” feeling you’d get in say an older Zelda game.

You know that you’re a chosen one, you’re a young hero, and that shit’s going to hit the fan pretty soon.

This is what you see in the demo and it looks like it’s going to be something to look out for.

The music will also be rearranged but from what I can tell, the sound of it still has that old school adventure JRPG sound to it, and I was quickly hit by the nostalgia bug.

There will be voice acting this time around, which is both inviting and a bit jarring.

With the old school aesthetics, I buckled myself in, expecting to read the dialogue like I did during my PSOne days, but there was dialogue, even during the non-cutscene scenes.


I can’t finish this article without at least mentioning the grandfather of the remasters, which is Final Fantasy 7.



While there is still a lot we don’t know about it, we do know that it will be the epitome of what all other remasters (and remakes alike) will be measured by.

Perhaps that is the reason why it’s taking so long for us to get more information.

We do know it’ll be action oriented this time, it’ll be broken down into multiple parts, and that the original story will mostly stay intact.

So cheer on old JRPGamers, it’s a great time be gaming!


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