Are Kpop Fans Ready For a Change?

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The new openly gay Kpop singer Holland just recently debut his song “Neverland.”

The song is a nice slice of mellow R&B-pop hybrid with a straight forward story. Holland sings about the struggles of a gay romance. The title of the track is an obvious nod to Peter Pan’s Neverland, a place that is utopic, a place you’d want to escape to.

Holland and his fans have created a space for other LGBT+ Kpop idols to come out.

If you’re a fan of “shounen-ai,” or “boys’ love,” then the music video will feel right at home for you. Holland doesn’t hold back in his portrayal of the gay romance as he and his boyfriend in the MV share a sensual kiss.

The important thing to note about Holland as a Kpop singer is that he was out before he dropped the song and it’s accompanying MV. This was a risky thing to do as an emerging Kpop singer because it could have easily ruined his career before it officially started.

Luckily, the buzz about Holland got around online and there’s a lot of love and support for him.




#HollandDebutDay was a thing on Twitter!






Holland’s debut single has been met with some great success.


I commend Holland because he did this all as an independent artist. Unlike many other Kpop idols, Holland, probably because of his openly gay persona, has been widely ignored by the major Kpop industry.

I’m not too shocked given how “risky” it would be to pour money and time into someone that will stir a lot of controversy. At the same time, I can’t help but feel disappointed in the industry.

Luckily, the Kpop fans have taken matters into their own hands and have turned Holland into an overnight sensation.

This may not seem like a big deal but it is. Both Kpop fans and Holland have made a statement about Kpop culture that can’t be ignored. There’s a growing desire for LGBT+ representation and the industry as a whole will have to address it eventually.

Holland and his fans have created a space for other LGBT+ Kpop idols to come out.

The path ahead for Holland isn’t going to be easy, but he’s aware of this and will continue to walk it. In an interview with SBS, he said: “Among celebrities or any other communities, an awareness of LGBT+ itself has not been properly built.

People are still prejudiced. Even talking about it in public is not accepted yet. I wish we had a better atmosphere in Korea to openly talk about LGBT+ issues.”

As a western fan of Kpop music, I challenge the KPop industry to take note of this sooner rather than later, because regardless of how they feel about Holland’s presence, he’s creating waves that will change the way Kpop idols are looked at forever.

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