A Geeky Completionist’s Guide to Geeking Out (With Sailor Moon GIFs)

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Geeking out is a daily part of a geek’s life, but it can become a pain in the ass if you’re a geeky completionist like me. Why? Because geeking out over mediums like video games, books, and anime means that you have access to an endless supply of geekdoms.

There’s always new stuff coming out. This endless supply can become a nightmare for a geek completionist: a geek who must finish something before they can soundly move on to something else.

I’ll use myself as an example. I have to finish a game before moving on to another one. The easiest way for me to annoy myself is to have more than a few video games lined up, with the prospect of more on the way, and yet I have to finish one of the previous ones.

I get an immense sense of accomplishment from completing one thing after another. This need to accomplish something is a core part of my personality and going against it makes me rage.

But how does a geeky completionist keep themselves from going insane as friends, family, and society constantly throw new titles at them? I haven’t mastered the technique of being a successful geeky completionist, but I do have some tips that’ll help ease your suffering.

Listen to your inner geek.

It’s easy to get swept up in the wave of new games or books. After all, we’re social creatures and if we’re not in the know of our favorites series, then we may feel alienated from the rest of the fandom.

That puts pressure on us to keep buying and buying, even when we haven’t finished the series we just started (and enjoy). The geeky completionist inside us starts screaming their head off, demanding that we stop.

The easiest way to stop this is to listen to your inner geeky completionist. If they say “enough is enough,” don’t push yourself further. Every geek has his or her own limit. Instinct will tell you when it’s time to slow your roll.


Remind yourself of the joys of your current obsession.

One of the biggest reasons why it’s so hard to stay focused on what we’re currently geeking over is because we’re constantly reminded of how another currently trending geeky thing is awesome right now.

It’s easy to fall for the promotional ads, the reviews, and the dozen “impressions” videos that crop up telling you how awesome “it” is, and why you need to drop what you’re doing and join in on the fun.

Just because you’re not tweeting about your love for the next big hero movie at the same time as everyone else, doesn’t mean that the movie or you yourself are less awesome. You’ll see it eventually and you’ll love it when you see it.


Join fandoms.

Yeah, yeah, I’m perfectly aware of how toxic some fandoms have become. I won’t point fingers. But within the collective fandoms, there are small groups of people who are, believe it or not, friendly!

They, like you, are trying to find a place where they can be reminded of what makes that particular fandom awesome. For me, I joined a couple of smaller Bioware fan groups where, for the most part, a lot of the negativity, keeps itself outside our little haven.


Don’t be afraid to thin out your selection when you’re overwhelmed.

I reach geekdom capacity pretty easily. If I have more than three or so video games/books/anime/manga I’m currently cycling through, I’ll get anxious.

Eventually I’ll have to make a decision: what stays and what goes. At one point a year ago, I had quite a few video games I’d purchased but didn’t complete and it was starting to really annoy me.

I made a list of games I wanted to play and which ones I just wanted to finish so I could move on to other ones. The latter I deleted off my hard drive or sold to GameStop.

I can’t tell you how relieved I felt after that. My focus and energy were now on the game I was playing and therefore my enjoyment was overall higher.


Remember this simple mantra:

“I can’t complete everything in the geekdom, but what I choose to complete, I’ll love completing.”

The time us geeks have to geek out is limited and therefore very precious. So, when you feel overwhelmed or pressured to go against your inner completionist, simply remember and recite this saying to yourself.

Geeking out is how we are able to stay sane in a world that constantly wants to make us insane.

Now go out there and geek over something … and complete it!


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