Retro Play: Blade Runner

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One thing we ask of older Sci-Fi movies is how well do they hold up years later? This is especially true when we consider movies that have looked at our current era or near to our era.

This is the question that crosses our mind when looking at Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic Blade Runner.

The setting is 2019, (which is only three year away from our current time), in Los Angeles. The landscape is bleak. The city has deep crevices with residents dwelling in every crack, there are large industrial towers reaching into the bleak skies.

Billboards are A.I.s which look very human like and tower over the landscape, which is like a rotting technical corpse as barely anyone lives there anymore.

Blade Runner - 1982 - Movie Screenshots

The story itself follows the character Rock Deckard who fights against replicants. These synthetic beings are creatures we created that feature many of our own traits except for emotions. They are slaves, of sorts, to us who now live Off World. When a replicant rebels against his orders, it is up to the blade runner, to take them down.

Blade Runner - 1982 - Movie Screenshots

Deckard is not just a blade runner but one of the best. He’s as hardened as his fellow 80’s protagonists and of course he can’t turn down the quest to take down the baddest of the bad replicants.

Harrison Ford, was in his prime when the movie came out. He has the same roguish charm he brought to Star Wars, although this time around the setting feels grittier and Ford himself is grittier too, but not too much that you’d forget that he indeed played Han Solo.

Blade Runner - 1982 - Movie Screenshots

We are three years from the time the story took place. We obviously have not advanced as much as the movie implies, or perhaps we just advanced in a different manner. Regardless, there is still the ageless tale of man vs machine in the narrative, which keeps us, intrigued and will echo into our world now.

It’ll be a bit jarring and perhaps entertaining for younger viewers to see the movie reference to dates like 2017. But what keeps viewers coming back is the peep into the future the early 80’s had.

It predicted the fact that we’d live in a world where we were somewhat disconnected with our technology and that we’re going to push the boundaries between the organic and the mechanic.

Blade Runner - 1982 - Movie Screenshots

Speaking of 2017, it would be a good time to revisit the iconic 80’s Sci-Fi detective film as a sequel to the original is in production right now.

It is set to take several decades after the original. Details on the sequel are still emerging but the creators are looking for a release date somewhere in the year 2017. Let’s hope it’s as good as its predecessor.

Blade Runner - 1982 - Movie Screenshots