Retro Play: I Give My First Love To You

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If you’re not sure what type of film this will be from the title, well you’re signing up for a rather romantic story. But it’s a romantic story with an emotional tag line to it. You’re going to cry so much that’ll hurt and you’ll swear you’ll never watch it again, but you know you will!

I Give My First Love To You is a kind of story that lingers and stays with you long after you finished watching it. Chances are if you’ve seen and love movies like The Fault In Our Stars and A Walk To Remember, then you’re going to love this movie. You’re also going to know what to expect. But is that really a bad thing?


In this story we have Masaki Okada who plays Takuma Kakunouchi, he has a weak heart and is not given a lot of time to live. Doctors say that he’s not going to make it past 20 years old. He meets Mao Inoue as Mayu Taneda who is his doctor’s daughter. He falls in love with her during his many trips to the hospital when he was young.

Growing up together, he promises her that he will survive past twenty and that they’ll get married. They even wished on a four-leaf clover that was found in a field. They grow into a couple and grow together but as they get older, Takuma becomes more and more aware that he’s running out of time. In thinking about this, he starts to wonder if he should let her go in hopes that she will move on and be able to love someone else.


So yes, you’ll be hugging that tissue box because it’s a story meant to pull at the heartstrings, especially when you see how dedicated and stubborn Mayu is about letting Takuma go even when he insists on it.

She also holds onto hope that he will make it through his condition. She holds onto how that the perfect heart donor will come and save him. There is also a morality problem that comes up with the heart donor, which is one of the movie’s most harrowing parts. It asks some pretty harsh but true questions about selfishness, selflessness, and medical ethics. It was surprisingly thought-provoking.


I Give My First Love To You is your ideal Friday night movie for either a good cry, a deeper, melodramatic moment, or even for a date. The story reminds us to love someone for their quirks and it’s a message worth being reminded of.

Just be sure to have some tissues and a pint of ice cream ready.