Feature Play: Parasyte Part 1

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Parasyte Part 1 is the live action adaptation of the very popular manga of the same name. It follows the awkward student Shinichi who finds it even harder to be less awkward after he has an eyeball creeping out of his hand, and it’s even got a creepy little mouth! His hand begins to full on stretch out and have a mind of its own. It evolves into a rather interesting but still oddball creature.

Shinichi gives the creature the name Righty. Regardless of its weirdness, it is very intelligent going so far as to teach itself Japanese and absorbing information about the world around it.

In other parts of Japan, these creatures are taking over people’s minds and are more evil in that they consume their prey. The true intention of these creatures isn’t 100% clear. We also see them as being a bit more complex then just pure evil.

Director Yamazaki decided to cut the movie into two parts. The story is slower and is establishing the hero, giving him time to discover who he is in this new world, so to speak.

We see more of how Shinichi’s works is first being affected by seeing his school take central point to what’s starting. Even his close family and friends become affected by the parasytes.

The middle ground of Parastye comes via Shinichi’s chemistry teacher, who is also being controlled by a Parasyte. Instead of being one of the hungry ones who takes over and throws the human at the way side, his new chemistry professor’s host is fascinated with Righty and how he is finding a way to coexist with a human.

This bridged narrative will undoubtedly be used to bring in more story conflict and emergence in the future. Especially when Shinichi’s chemistry teacher decides to get pregnant and see what happens with the developing baby.

The scenes where the parasyte takes over and fights are interesting as well. Seeing them shape and reshape into virtually any object especially when fighting is both eerie and exciting to behold. It’s definitely where the horror element of the story comes in. But it is also interesting in that is shows the difference between Righty and the rest of his species.

Parasyte Part 1 is a fascinating take on the manga story. It sets up for some interesting things to come but also sets itself to be a stand alone just enough to make you feel satisfied.