Feature Play: One Week Friends

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Some of us prefer solitude and the independence it brings while many others preferring being social and the connections it offers. But regardless of which side you fall on, chances are you understand the feeling and desire of finding friends to laugh and cry with during the good and bad times.

And part of this process of finding these types of friends is weeding out the bad ones from the good, the mere acquaintances from the true friends. The balance of these deeper relationships comes from going beyond the generic Give and take. It is mutual support, trust and understanding. But to get here is not easy as there will be trials and tribulations.

This is what makes One Week Friends so special and endearing to watch. It explores that process of friendships and how you navigate through it.

One Week Friends follows the growing relationship between the two characters Hase Yuuki and Fujimiya Kaori and follows them on the road to friendship.

The setting is super familiar and starts in a high school, the ever so grand symbol of transition. One Week Friends tells the story Fujimiya Kaori who is a girl who mysteriously loses her memories at the end of each week. These memories are tied into the people she befriends. Because of this weird struggle, she keeps herself at a distance from others.

People get the impression that she’s just another ice princess. Enter Yuuki, a boy is in her class, he is the one who notices that she is never around other people and makes it his goal to become her friend and gains the courage to approach her.

It is a heart warming and super adorable story. Admit it you’re here for the bond and the emotional moments that will pull at your heartstrings. You are definitely going to feel all the feels with this one.

One of the refreshing aspects of the tale comes from the fact that even though there are hints and nudges of romance here and there, that’s not what the story is about. It’s obvious that their connection isn’t just the simple friendship, but there is no emphasis on pushing it into romance.

It kinda feels like the ultimate decision is to be made by the viewer and that’s nice as it explores the idea that there are indeed some relationships out there that aren’t easy to label as one over another. After all, the theme initially was about friendship to begin with and may feel like a cop-out of if romance becomes the end goal.

The live adaptation of what started out as a four panel manga is fascinating. If you’re a fan of the manga then the live adaptation of One Week Friends is definitely worth checking out!