Top 5 Worlds We Are Still Hoping to See in Kingdom Hearts 3

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It’s hard to believe that it has now been ten years since the last main title in the Kingdom Hearts series graced our shelves. Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in December 2005, three years after the first game impressed critics and silenced the naysayers.

Although there has been a new game to some extent every year or so from Nomura and his team, with the exception of Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance none of these could be classed as a main title. Now with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 finally looming on the horizon, and Tangled and Big Hero 6 already confirmed to be included, we take a look at five worlds that have yet to make an appearance in any of the games and that many are hoping to see in the next instalment.

  1. Pocahontas

After all the Kingdom Hearts titles to date, Pocahontas is one of the only classic animated Disney films that has not only never had a dedicated world, but not even a mention of any kind. There is notable controversy surrounding the film since its release due to historical inaccuracies, and it was never hugely successful internationally.

However it seems strange that Pocahontas was one of the original 8 Disney princesses and has yet to make an appearance. The forest, the native village, the settlement as well as the ship could all be explored, and Grandmother Willow could be an essential character in developing the plot. This would be a beautiful and exciting world to explore.

  1. Robin Hood

This is a great animated Disney film, and is widely well regarded among fans. A lively and humorous retelling of the British legend, Robin Hood almost already feels as if it belongs in the Kingdom Hearts universe. The colourful and memorable characters would be a treat to encounter in the game, and the possibilities surrounding archery, a tournament and the golden arrow are begging to be taken advantage of.

Escaping the castle with Robin could be a great challenge and platforming element to finish the narrative of the world, along with the return of King Richard. Why this world has yet to be included, we aren’t too sure. Perhaps Square Enix felt it too similar to other worlds? All we know is that we would love to explore Sherwood Forest with Robin and Little John!

  1. Toy Story

Now we are still in the dark in regards to the situation between Square Enix, Disney and Pixar. As of yet Square Enix have not been able to clear the rights to include Pixar film elements into the games, but whether Disney will grant them permission for Kingdom Hearts 3 is yet to be revealed.

If Pixar is finally included in the series, then surely Toy Story should be the first world to be considered. A popular and much loved Disney film, our minds race as we imagine the possibilities of the party being shrunk down and interacting with Buzz, Woody and all the other toys. As a final note, wouldn’t it be great for a tiny Sora and company to defeat a giant Sid, similar to the Titans boss fights from the previous games?

  1. Jungle Book

Jungle Book has a very long and muddled history with the Kingdom Hearts universe. It was originally planned for the first title, but was eventually scrapped due to being too similar to the Deep Jungle world. It was then slated to be included in Birth By Sleep, and in fact through hacking you can even explore several scenes including King Louie’s throne room, but it never reached the final product.

How strange that the Jungle Book has never been included, considering it is one of the most popular and successful Disney films. Will this finally be the moment we can run through the jungle with Baloo and Bagheera?

  1. Frozen

You knew it would be here didn’t you? Frozen has become a phenomenon since its release, and audiences of all ages praised its storytelling and animation, many citing it as the best Disney film in years. This isn’t the only reason it topped our list, however. Nomura has even expressed how much he enjoys the film, and has stated that it would be a great inclusion into a Kingdom Hearts title.

Who wouldn’t love exploring the snowy, icy environments and encountering the legendary Olaf? We along with many others would be very surprised if this didn’t get its own world in Kingdom Hearts 3.

So there we have it. You might be surprised at the omission of Star Wars and Marvel due to their latest ownership by Disney, but in our opinion although certain elements from both franchises would be a great addition to Kingdom Hearts 3 (Lightsaber Keyblade?), when it comes to worlds the scope of both Star Wars and Marvel is so gigantic that it seems impossible to choose only one world from each to include. Only time will tell.