Top 5 Underrated Shoujo Manga

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We all know the unforgettable classics, the manga that stood out in their time, and the wonderful new entries of this era. Who could forget the tears shed when they first released Nana, or the feeling of waiting every week for the fresh witty banter from Ouran?

Today, we are not here to discuss popular manga. This list comprises five shoujo manga that captured our hearts. While the artwork may turn off those sensitive to visuals, the plot reels you and doesn’t let go.

  1. W Juliet by Emura

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Watch out this series is long. It contains 14 volumes which explores the idea of a double gender-bender. The two main characters are pulled into multiple situations where they both have to alternate between being male and female.

You are drawn into their lives while they go through somewhat typical teenage drama. At the end of the day, it’s a light-hearted and comfortable read.

  1. Kaze Hikaru by Watanabe Taeko

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Another gender-bend, this time set in the Shinsengumi era. This is probably the best historical shoujo manga we have ever read. The characterization is wonderful, the mangaka did their research well, and the plot doesn’t contain any dull moments.

Don’t imagine a dark serious manga, though. While it may be realistic, that does not mean it lacks humor.

  1. Hajimari no Niina by Koyomi Miyamori

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A cute shoujo about an 11-year old girl, who has the memories of a high-schooler and that high schooler had a lover, who is now 25.

This story goes through the life of Nina as she tries to fulfill a promise made by her past self. You can’t help but root for the main character, as nobody will ever believe her.

  1. Yoroshiku Master by Tsukuba Sakura

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This is a small story about Santa Claus. It dwells on the concept that “Santa” is not a person, but a job.

It’s a nice read, and the art is pretty enough to make up for the overused settings. You are drawn in by the way the author plays off their relationship, and the cuteness of the characters.

  1. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen by Akane Ogura

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This story is much newer than the rest. It’s set in a period of war, where any wrong move could mean the end of a country. Both main characters are engaged to each other for political convenience, while they are surrounded by people who follow their every move.

It’s humorous due to the fact that both are strong-willed and they do not get along. This of course creates various kinds of drama.

These literary gems are all unpolished, but they are all worthy reads for a nice relaxing day. Do you have any underrated manga that you would like us to check out? Let us know!