Top 5 Things We Will Never Grow Out Of

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We complain about how much it sucks being an adult. We try to do things that make us look like upstanding adults. Maybe we will eat a super healthy organic breakfast whilst reading the newspaper or pretend like we are not scared of being assertive with other adults when we are one cup of coffee from peeing our pants. But truth be told, there are things that even the most adult of adults still tend to do. Here are five of those things.

  1. Counting on your fingers.

We’ve all had those moments when we start counting on our fingers without even knowing it.

  1. Whining to your friends when things get tough.

We don’t care how old you get. You will always want to go back to your friends when life kicks you in the butt. It’s just natural for it to happen.

  1. Find farts funny.

We bet if you’re in meeting and your boss passes gas, the little kid inside is going to erupt into a fit of giggles. We bet everyone in the room, including your boss, will laugh. And if they don’t you will behind their back once you’re in the break room. We all say it’s just us having an eighth grader moment, but that moment is more than that. You do it all the time just admit it and embrace it.

  1. Have fun popping bubble wrap.

Pop pop…pop-pop-pop…Pop! It’s even more fun when you put it on the floor and stomp on it, or twist it. You know when you’re alone and just opened that box, you smile when you see that bubble wrap. You can’t wait until you can go nuts with it. And if you re at work, and you can’t pop them, you’re just a little sadder. Just a little.

  1. The five second rule still applies.

You’ve seen the videos your friends have shared with you and you’ve gone into a chorus of ew’s when looking at videos of germs. But we all know you don’t care when you’re all alone. It builds immunity anyway right?


Top 5 Things We Will Never Grow Out Of