Top 5 Things Non-Photogenic People Know To Be True

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Ok so we don’t like taking pictures around here. There are no selfies galore on our social media accounts. We don’t snap pics of ourselves on our nights out. We are the ones that are always running away and hiding from pictures. So we know the struggles of the Non-Photogens (like us) and here are five of them.

  1. Untagging.

Non-Photogenic People reactions

The days before Facebook started to ask for your approval before someone tagged you was gruesome! So many of our pics were out there that made us look like we were being attacked by a bear.

Why was our mouth open!? Why did we have our hands up in the air!? Oh that’s right, because we were running away!

  1. One Photo to rule them all.

Non-Photogenic People reactions

Well now that all our friends are on one social network or another we decide it’s time we start one too. This of course leads to us having to take a million selfies to get that “One” that looks just right.

When we can’t take the perfect selfie, we resort to the photoshop-like apps and give ourselves a little touch up. Not too much though! Nobody wants to look like the first season of RuPaul.

  1. We’re always that “weird looking person” in a photo.

Non-Photogenic People reactions

Maybe we are in mid sneeze or we’re squinting or our face is turned slightly off center making our head look misshaped. Either way we stand out for all the wrong reasons.

  1. We take a lot of selfies, but we also don’t…

Non-Photogenic People reactions

We like that our phone has a feature that takes a bunch of pics at once. We use this when we try to get that perfect profile picture, so we shoot from different angles. Left. Right. High up. Down below. Definitely not down below.

Next thing we know, we have about forty selfies…and they all suck. Why do we even bother?

  1. Dealing with camera happy family and friends, who insist on taking pictures.

Non-Photogenic People reactions

It’s even worse when everyone else is fresh and clean looking, meanwhile we just got off work, are oily, tired, and we think someone just farted on us on the way in! CLICK!