Top 5 Stages of a New Friendship

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If you’re in a transitional time in your life, like a new job, new school, new city, you’re bound to make new friends. It’s not an easy task, at least not if you’re like us and other socially awkward people. You’ve got questions, you’ve got boundaries, and then you’ve got more questions. So here’s the five stages of a new friendship that you’re bound to have if you’re part of this crew.

Stage 1 – I know you, but I also don’t know you.

You’ll smile at them, and say hi, but the conversations are so forced that half the time you’re in your head wondering what in the hell are you supposed to say. You can try to talk about school assignments, or that one weird thing your neighbor does. Beyond that though, your conversations are laughably stiff.

Stage 2 – Wow, they’re actually kind of cool.

At this stage they’ve done something or said something that makes you think of them as more than just another awkward conversation. Maybe they finally let their guard down and made a joke that you appreciated for all the wrong reasons. Or maybe they got that one thing that no one else seems to get.

Stage 3 – When to contact or invite?

So what should you do? Should you invite them over to watch something? Go eat something? How long do you wait? A week? Two weeks? Who should be the first one to initiate the friendship contact?

Stage 4 – Oh cool, they like that one thing no one else does!

Congratulations, you just found out that they love that one thing that you only thought you did. Well this is awesome! Time to start thinking about all the wonderful conversations the two of you will have regarding all this obscurity. I’m sure there going to totally get why season two is the best and killing off that one character was just so wrong!

Stage 5 – The Social Media stage.

You’ve added each other and you’ve seen an interesting progression in their interaction with you. At first, things were a bit wonky. The two of you liked a few of each other’s things, but nothing was made official until she totally tagged you in a few of those hilarious posts from that one thing you are both obsessed with. Yes! You’ve made it; it’s that insider’s joke moment when you know you’ve made a connection.

So now that you’re official what’s the next stage? Is there a next stage?


Top 5 Stages of a New Friendship