Top 5 Signs You’re Obsessed – TV Edition

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If you’re a media junky like we are, you’re bound to come across a show that you cannot stop watching. You make it a point to set aside time just to watch it. Does this mean you’re obsessed? Let’s see, here are five telltale signs that you just might be obsessed with your new show.

  1. Everything around you reminds you of things from the show.

You’re walking on campus and this one person looks just like one of the characters from your show. Actually now that you look closer, they even have that same hair style! OMG! They just caught me staring at them!

  1. You use phrases from the show every chance you get.

It’s your life’s purpose to try and get into a situation so you can say it over and over again.

  1. You take it way to personal when someone doesn’t like the show.

And you try and prove why it’s the best show on tv for the rest of the night.

  1. You’re a hot mess when you finish the latest season, or when your show is cancelled.

That show was the nectar of the gods and you were ready to start a new religious movement around it. Oh well, at least we got Jennifer Jones for one season >.<

  1. You’re highly invested in every relationship.

Remember that one time your two favorite characters got together? You did a happy dance didn’t you? Admit it! You clapped and your spun (well, if you were alone). The whole day, you were bouncy along, listening to cheesy love songs and relishing in the beauty of their romance, and then in season two they broke up and you were an inconsolable wreck. People just didn’t get it. You tried to explain to them, but they looked at you weirdly when you’re on the verge of tears….for a fake relationship!?

But you know what? Who cares! Stay obsessed! We are!