Top 5 Signs of a Teacher’s Pet

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We all either knew one or were one: the proverbial teacher’s pet. They may not always have a bright red shiny apple in their hand or hold books like some lovelorn teen in one of those sappy high school movies, but they do certain things that make them the top of their class. They have little things that can either make or ruin their day, and some of them even wear this title like a badge. Okay so maybe we are talking from personal experiences. Regardless here is our Top 5 Signs of a Teacher’s Pet!

  1. Its competition – Like a leaderboard.

Yeah admit it, you see those grades posted and all you can do is smile when you’re in the lead or gritting your teeth when you fall behind.

  1. You’ve been in their office more than once.

At first it was because you had a question about your homework, but then it became clear to the teacher that you’re going to be coming around a lot. You’ll be excited to go in and your conversations will go from being about just one assignment to letters of recommendations, favorite television shows, and other common interests. You suck up!

  1. Extra credit/ homework make your day.

Yup. Every time you hear those magic words that there’s a chance for some extra points, you jump on it like your grade depends on it. Well it’s probably already up there but you want to make sure that you’re still in the lead, so you’ll do it. And you’ll do it well.

  1. You answer every damn question you can.

That arm is always in the air, and it’s in the air so much that sometimes they’ll tell you that they need to call upon someone else. Although it’s always a nice pat on your back if they happen to resort to you more than once, because no one else is raising their hand.

  1. You’re brave enough to sit in the front row.

You’re one of the first people to be in the front row. Everyone else is about two rows behind and saying hi and trying to figure out how difficult the up and coming assignments will be, but not you, you got that pen and even that spare pen ready to go. You are all set, you teacher’s pet you.


Top 5 Signs of a Teacher’s Pet