Top 5 Secret Acts We All Do

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We all do secretive little things, but it’s rare that someone steps up to the plate and admits it. Well, we are going to admit them now. Here is our Top 5 Secret Acts We All Do.

  1. Love something or someone everyone hates.

So everyone is supposed to hate Paris Hilton right? Ew. Ugh. Gross, don’t mention her. So nasty. Yeah well um honestly some of us here at PopGeekly like her (Serenity >.>). We dare you to name someone you like that others hate.

  1. Texting someone you don’t like five days later, on purpose.

There’s that one person who recently snubbed you. They probably don’t know it, and you’re not going to tell them. However when they do text you, you decide to give them the cold shoulder for a good few days. When you finally text back, it’s a short, curt message and they’ll probably ask why you’re ignoring them. You’ll lie and say “Oh! I was busy.”

  1. You’ve Googled yourself.

You’re bored, maybe waiting for the day to start or you’re stalling until your bestie can get their happy butt down to Starbucks. You wonder what you would find if you google yourself. Maybe you’ll find that lame article you’ve written from high school or college ( >.>), or maybe you’ll find out that someone with your name just go arrested. Or you’ll realize that you forgot to take down that one stupid dating profile you made so long ago.

  1. You’ve cyberstalked someone you really like.

You just found out the name of someone you really like, maybe it’s a new teacher, new coworker, new guy at school, or a new neighbor. Once you get their name, you’re searching for information like you’re a college student high on caffeine and trying to write an essay before the deadline. Are they single? No? Damn. What are they into? Oh cool, they like that one show too. Oh gross, that’s an awful picture, why would they post that? Admit it, you’ve done it.

  1. Listened to and loved some utterly cringe worthy music.

So, remember when we said Serenity liked Paris Hilton? Well now most of us here at PopGeekly love her music. I’m not sure why, it could genuinely be because her music has a nice upbeat carefree feel. Judge us if you will but we bet you anything that you have that one song that’s awful, and you love it. So who cares! Enjoy it! Stop hiding who you are!


Top 5 Secret Acts We All Do