Top 5 Reasons Why Manga Is The Perfect Travel Companion

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When it’s time to get on the plane, bus or car, it’s hard to think of which things you want to take with you. Of course you’ll want to take the essentials like clothes, toiletries, etc. But what about for entertainment? Why not that manga you’ve been wanting to buy or that’s been sitting on your desk waiting to be read? It’s the perfect travel companion and here’s five reasons why.

  1. It’s easy to get into.

One of the hard things about traveling is that chances are you’re going to be around quite a few other people. Some of these people will be little and crying and maybe even screaming.

There’s not much you can do in these cases, but to try and not let it bother you. In such situations, manga is perfect because the mix of words and illustrations pull you in like a good movie.

  1. No charger or batteries necessary.

With our phones, laptops, and tablets we are always worried about battery life on long trips. Maybe you’ll luck out and have a good charge that’ll get you through, but that’s still a maybe. Manga, on the other hand, doesn’t involve this worry.

  1. Small and compact.

For the most part, manga are published in smaller paperback form. When you are traveling with a laptop, a tablet, and clothes, it can be a nuisance having something that would weigh you down.

Manga fits fine anywhere, and it doesn’t even need to be put away.

  1. The stories are engaging and can help with anxiety.

Flying is not something a lot of people find exciting, especially when stuck in turbulence. It’s easy to get caught up in the fear of crashing, but manga tends to have some of the most engaging stories.

Japanese culture has proven time and again that they have the ability to expand the idea of one’s imagination with some of the most endearing (and outlandish) scenarios.

  1. Sets you apart from others.

One of the fun things about manga is that, if you’re an adult, it’s a rarity to find other adults on the plane reading it. Other people are either staring out the window, reading a book with a boring cover, watching a movie, or sleeping.