Top 5 Procrastinator Powers

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Procrastination is one of our greatest skills. It’s a fine art we’ve honed since high school. Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite series hours before an exam, or lurking in your favorite twitch channel while you browse YouTube, we are all guilty of using this very special and unique power. So let’s take a deeper look at what those powers actually are. Here is our Top 5 Procrastinator Powers.

  1. Abstraction

You’ll crack that book open, start reading, and you’re on point. You even have a playlist ready for this marathon of brain activity. And then…all of sudden nothing. Your brain starts to drift off and before you know it, your 10 videos into YouTube.

  1. Avoidance

That one unclean bowl that you had pasta in earlier is leering at you. That bastard is way too distracting. You have to do something with him. But then you realize you haven’t cleaned in weeks and NOW is a good time to start.

  1. Immersion

You have 4 new notifications that won’t stop staring at you. The big red dot won’t stop ruining your immersion. This whole studying thing has become so stressful, so why not write a post about it? Oh look, your bestie liked it and so did that one person you like from class. Hmm….I wonder what else is going on…You are now fully immersed in your socials.

  1. Organization

Your phone lights up and its junk mail, but you can’t help but wonder if anything else has come in. Oh look at all those old emails. It’s time to get all that organized. That will make you feel better and you can study with an un-cluttered mind.

  1. Consumption + Immersion

You can’t study now because your stomach is going crazy, maybe you should just grab something to eat. And you might as well watch that one show everyone has been talking about.


Top 5 Procrastinator Powers