Top 5 Night Owl Struggles

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We’ve all tried to “fix” our sleep schedules by pulling all-nighters, then going to sleep at 10pm the following night only to sleep 16 hours and wake up at 2pm. UGH!! It feels like a curse, an evil curse that comes with additional struggles. Here are five of those struggles we night owls tend to go through.


  1. Come morning time, it’s like pin pricks are laid all over our bodies.

Eyes, face, lips, stomach, feet, back, and ankles….need we go on? If you have it, it hurts, that’s the reason why we need to lay in bed for another five or ten minutes. Morning just isn’t for us and if we were capable, we’d probably strangle the individual who decided to wake us from our comatose state.

  1. You constantly have to deal with people criticizing you about your weird schedule.

You might have passive aggressive roommates making note of your sleeping habits. Yes, we know we woke up at noon. Parents, even after you’re an adult Will, comment on it, and will continue to do so. Seriously just stop! We can’t help it! We are cursed!

  1. Getting ready in the morning is a little bit harder.

No, that’s a lie. It’s a hell of a lot harder. Standing in front of mirror, and not wanting to punch it takes considerable effort. What about pulling clothes from your drawer? Or that awful moment you have to bend down to put on your socks and tie your shoes. It should be an Olympic sport for us cursed ones.

  1. Speaking of mirrors, if you look in one, you look like death.

Have you gotten those comments before: Are you okay? You don’t look so good? Have you been sleeping well? Have you been eating? Your eyes are red. You should get more sleep. Shut. Up. Yes, we get it. Looking in the mirror is like inviting a day’s worth of insecurities into your head.

  1. You’re not truly alive and productive until after 5 PM.

We are not sure what it is but it’s like some Cinderella stuff going on. Once the clock strikes five, we are up and ready to go. We are cranking out assignments, making those calls, and getting that coffee down. Only problem is, the normal people are groaning and turning into zombies. They’re reaching for the remotes, turning on Netflix and they are so done. What the hell is wrong will y’all? The Suns going down! It’s time to get to work!


Top 5 Night Owl Struggles