Top 5 Manga That Deserve Their Own Anime Series

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When a manga acquires enough popularity with its target audience, it gets chosen to have its own anime series. Unfortunately, not all manga pull through, mainly because anime are expensive to create. Sometimes there are also conflicts with the mangaka’s intentions for what will be included in the anime.

In this list, we will check out various manga that are popular enough, and would have made a great anime series, if not for extenuating circumstances.

  1. Shinshi Doumei Cross (Gentleman’s Alliance Cross) – Arina Tanemura

Manga to Anime Pics - Top 5

The brilliant Arina Tanemura already has a few popular bestselling manga under her belt, including Full Moon wo Sagashite and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.

Shinshi Doumei Cross is one of the longest series she has written, finishing with 47 chapters from 2004 to 2008. While it starts with the typical shoujo high school girl crushing on a popular guy, the story gets very complicated and provides depth and resolution to each character’s backstory.

  1. Gamaran – Yousuke Nakamaru

Manga to Anime Pics - Top 5

Best recommended for those who love action and adventure stories, Gamaran is a samurai manga about a young boy who yearns for power. The whole manga is action-packed with fight scenes and battle strategies, and it provides different kinds of enemies with their own martial arts.

The battles never end, the art and story doesn’t have a single dull moment to it, and the characterization is badass. It is the classic shonen, great for those who need a little mindless action without too much of the politics getting in the way.

  1. Yotsuba &! – Kiyohiko Azuma

Manga to Anime Pics - Top 5

This cute slice-of-life manga is about a short green-haired girl with the ability to get into various kinds of trouble. In Yotsubato, the main protagonist is weird, energetic and curious, which is the best combination for any protagonist.

She is very innocent regarding the smallest of things, and she ends up dragging her father into situations that require a lot of help. We accompany this girl as she makes new friends and goes on different adventures.

  1. Iris Zero – Takana Hotaru

Manga to Anime Pics - Top 5

This story is set in a world where everybody has a unique supernatural ability to see something special- like love, emotions, honesty and much more. In this world, one guy is normal and has no ability with his eyes. Thus he tries his best to live without drawing attention to himself.

One day, he receives a confession from the most popular girl in school. But it doesn’t end there. Due to his Iriz Zero, he is able to see humans as they are- and thus he is able to solve various kinds of mysteries and problems by figuring out people’s motivations.

  1. Immortal Rain (Meteor Methuselah) – Kaori Ozaki

Manga to Anime Pics - Top 5

This story revolves around a 600-year old immortal man and the young 14-year old girl who is after the bounty on his head. The whole world wants the secret to his immortality.

This young bounty hunter ends up being saved by Methuselah time and time again, and thus ends up going on adventures with him as they face the different bounty hunters trying to get the reward.

Manga always take a long time to be turned into anime. Some have taken so long that most fans doubt there will ever be any anime for that series, especially when it is already completed.

However, we can still hope that some of these will eventually be turned into anime.