Top 5 Lessons learned in your return to College

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Well you decided to go back to college after all these years of working and in less than a week your semester starts. This will be your first year back and it’s exciting but it will have its difficulties. Overall though, the first year back may be your favorite only because everything is so new once again and that sense of adventure will linger.

We got together and tallied up the Top 5 things we’ve learned in our first year back in college.

  1. You’re old.

There is nothing like holding your backpack’s shoulder straps, breathing in that nice crisp air and feeling like a kid again. That is until you go into the food court and the staff there makes conversation with you. They can’t tell if you’re a student or not because you’re just too damn old looking for that. Instead they shyly ask if you’re a professor. You tell them you’re a student and you get that proverbial “ooh” remark and you know it’s time to smile and walk away.

  1. This isn’t the end of the road.

The goal was to get in, make these next two years count, get the hell out and get a better, higher paying job. Well, that could happen but that’s more of the fantasy than the reality. Instead your professor tells you that these next two years are just a “jumping off point” before more training. What the f*#k? You mean I have to pay for this school and additional training!? I wish someone had told me that the moment I signed up!

  1. You’re the only one who can make you do the work.

During your first attempt at college all those years ago, attendance wasn’t mandatory, and grades were kind of a big thing, but you could slip a little. You could do everything the night before and still somehow pass the class. As a matter of fact doing so was a bragging right. Professors gave you pep talks and you had meetings to attend to discuss the progress of your work. Well now you still have meetings with professors but no one is shepherding you into the corral of education anymore. If you wanted to just stalk off you could. No one is going to say anything. But the consequences will be yours to pay.

  1. Adding people from college to Facebook.

Making new friends is always a nice thing. However what’s not nice is making new friends, adding them to Facebook, forgetting that you added them and then criticizing them. Okay so this one may be a little isolated to only us but we decided to put it out there. It can’t only be us! Can it?

  1. It goes fast so enjoy it while it lasts.

This is so damn cheesy but we are going to say it anyway: time flies by pretty quickly. The first year feels like it just happened and yet, we know it’s already gone. This summer we decided to take the horse by the reigns (so many cheesy clichés!) and make the next two years’ worth it. We decided to take a nontraditional route and work on a project that puts us in a weird gray area. It may shift us into a different category but we are willing to take that risk. After all, it’s going to come and go and we don’t want to be left wondering why we didn’t do it in the first place. The same goes for you! Get out there and enjoy these years, because they will be over before you know it (cheesy cliché #3?)