Top 5 JRPG Twists

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JRPGs are known for their intricate stories and lengthy plot lines. When you have (at least back in the day) four discs of content to play through, you kind of expect there to be some surprises. So let’s countdown the Top 5 JRPG plot twists that had gamers in a tizzy.

  1. Tidus and the Dream
Final Fantasy X Ending | Tidus Disappears

Square Enix

Admit it. You cried during the ending parts of Final Fantasy X. Tidus is fading away. Yuna runs to him only to fall through him. She confesses her love to him and he embraces her as his body is breaking into pyre flies.

You knew this was coming after the Fayth had talked to Tidus and told him that his whole world was nothing but a big summons, the ultimate dream. Wow, talk about a bad day.

  1. The sword that ended it all.
Final Fantasy VII | Aeris Death

Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7.  Aeris. You know what’s coming next. Her infamous death scene continues to cause geeky conversations among fans years after the game came out.

For many gamers it was their first taste of story-based pain. Aeris theme starts to play after a sudden silence. Perhaps she was your main healer. Maybe you were like us and put all your best material on her (and subsequently lost it). Either way, it left you in pieces.

  1. KOS-MOS and…Mary Magdalene?
Xenosaga | KOS-MOS is Mary Magdalene?

Bandai Namco

Xenosaga was a trilogy that pushed the boundaries of religious/philosophical idealism within games. Not only did each title contain a philosophical subtitle but the characters themselves embedded these ideals as well.

That’s why when it’s revealed that KOS-MOS, a battle android, is the vessel of Mary Magdalene; gamers were left with an exclamation point either over their head. Its one element of the super complex narrative the developers of Xenosaga weaved. Even with a major in religious studies under our belt, we still find the complexity to be …well…complex.

  1. You’re a video simulator.
Star Ocean 3 | A game within a game


Star Ocean is a beloved JRPG franchise. The third game in the series is meant to be the final part. More than half way through the game, the game itself becomes very meta. It is revealed to our heroes that earth and the rest of our universe is a video game. Yup. You’re playing a video game of a video game. Their ultimate goal then becomes to free themselves of their…programmer. Damn rebellious creations.

  1. We must save the world…Oops, we destroyed it.
Final Fantasy 13-2 | Deah of Serah

Square Enix

Final Fantasy 13 trilogy divides the Final Fantasy fan base like no other. We remember when they announced 13-2 and how many fans were fighting it out in the comment sections all over the Internet. Regardless of how fans felt, the lore was taken into a deeper and more complex realm, especially with the ending.

We followed Serah and Noel in their journey to find Lightning, only to realize that the whole journey was a plot to end the world and bring pure chaos into it. Noel kills Caius. Caius brings the end of the world. Serah dies. Lightning mourns and turns to crystal in hopes of finding a way to save the world in the far future. All of this happens with a mid-tempo JPop song playing about the promise of a new world and a better tomorrow. Well played Square Enix, well played.