Top 5 Most Exciting Upcoming Pokémon Games

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2016 is a great year for gamers. We have a whole line-up of titles coming and it seems like Pokémon creators are more active than ever before, as they throw new video game concepts onto various platforms. So let’s jump right into our list of Top 5 Most Exciting Upcoming Pokémon Games.

  1. Pokken Tournament – Released March 18th

In 2015, Bandai released Pokkén Tournament, which is a fighting game using Pokémon as individual characters with separate abilities. It’s available on the Wii U, and in Japanese arcades. Players will find gorgeous lifelike 3D versions of their favorite Pokémon, with close-up scenes of them performing individual attacks on each other.

  1. Pokémon Sun and Moon – Release Date Late 2016

Last February, Nintendo announced that they will be releasing Pokémon Sun and Moon around the latter half of 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS. This is also going to coincide with their 20th anniversary celebration. There is a lot of speculation regarding what will be used for the new game, but regardless of that everybody is equally excited for the possibilities.

  1. Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow – Released February 27th

On February 27, Nintendo released the classic Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow for the Nintendo 3DS. The resolution and gameplay have been modified to fit the 3DS other than that the original trio has remained unchanged. This seems like a great way to relive the original Gameboy experience.

  1. Pokémon TCG Online

Okay so Pokémon TCG online has been out for a while, but they just released it for Android last month! For anyone that doesn’t know what TCG online is, it’s the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which allows players to use the classic and new Pokémon decks in the original format online. It is classified as a MMOTCG, which means that everyone can battle it out with other players online. Additionally, Trading card veterans no longer need to purchase new booster packs or individual cards, as those are available in-game, and they also have the ability to trade cards with other players online.

The interface is simple, with a no-fuss way of managing cards. Players are able to create new decks and view potential cards without having to do more than a few clicks. They are also able to explore and learn other player’s decks.

  1. Pokémon GO – Release Date 2016

This is the most anticipated game on the list. They plan to release Pokémon GO, a new augmented-reality game for iOS and Android. Players will wear the Pokémon Go Plus, which is a wrist-band type of device that uses Bluetooth connectivity to inform players when Pokémon are nearby. For a little bit more info check out the trailer!

Hype is still building up for Nintendo’s various announcements, but we are definitely hoping that they won’t let us down. We are anticipating new gameplay and graphics, along with a new set of Pokémon we can capture, train and battle with.