Top 5 Dating Struggles in our App Generation

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Here is our top 5 list of struggles we all face when we venture into the dating app world


  1. Introductions.

It is annoying trying to sum up your life in a couple of lines, or risk people glossing over your profile like a spam filter to Viagra email. Do you talk about your most recent success? Is it important that you are a student? Should you be funny? Serious? Romantic?

2. The right picture.

You struggle to take the right picture. You pucker those lips, suck in that tummy, and take a picture from the helicopter point of view. Thankfully, IPhone has that click and hold feature that will take a dozen pictures at once. However, it doesn’t matter because you will be feeling frustrated after you have gone through the first batch of photos, and realized you wasted close to an hour trying to take the best picture.

  1. The pressure to change your profile picture.

Remember that one picture that took you forever to take? Well it is now about six months old and all your suitors have probably passed through your profit because they noticed you have not updated it in a while.

  1. Left or right?

It has become part of our online culture: swipe left or swipe right. You wonder how many people are swiping right on you, and you probably do the swiping on the fly. Isn’t it a bit infuriating, knowing that people looking at your profile are really just looking at your first pic and maybe that first line of introduction!?

5. The first meeting.

It’s easy to be caught up in texting conversations, but what about when you have to meet? There are stories out there that end happily. (We have friends who met their partners on these dating apps.) However, for every success story, there are at least five horror stories. What is it with our generation and talking? Its worst if there is silence, and then people start pulling out their phones.

As always let us know what you think. Have you sworn off dating apps? Or are you still trying to connect?


Top 5 Dating Struggles in our App Generation