Top 5 Creepiest Silent Hill Locations

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The Silent Hill series is widely regarded as the creepiest and most impressive survival horror game series to have ever been released, and not many would argue. They have a very strong cult following, and their fans love to analyse and replay the games to their hearts content.

Focusing strongly on psychological horror as opposed to cheap scares, certain moments from these iconic games will stay with you for life, changing how you look at simple things such as mannequins and mirrors.

We will look at the Top 5 locations from these games that many suggest as being the most unsettling and eerie of them all. Take a deep breath and let’s dig in!

  1. Water Prison

Silent Hill Cover Art

The first stop on our tour brings us to the water prison from Silent Hill 4. Although this might seem like a strange area to include, it’s the atmosphere and the enemies which tend to put people on edge, as many explain how they try to plow through this stage as quickly as possible.

Many of the prison rooms contain blood and strange messages, and there is also mention of a torture room behind the kitchen, where meat is taken from the corpses and cooked. The whole place is unsettling, and let’s not forget it is home to one of the most disturbing Silent Hill creatures ever created.

Silent Hill | Twin Victim

The Twin Victim appears to be infant twins conjoined with large fully grown arms on which they walk. They will point a finger and whisper at the player, then suddenly sprint towards them.

  1. Artaud Theater
Silent Hill | Artaud Theater

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Theatres are generally fairly creepy places, even in the light of day. So when you have to traverse through one in a Silent Hill game, it’s no surprise that it isn’t a walk in the park. The long, dark walk down to the stage; all the strange props and rooms to explore backstage; monsters in tight, confined corridors.

Silent Hill | Ariel Monster

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It is also home to the Ariel monster, puppets that hang from the ceiling before dropping to the floor while attacking the player, and let’s face it: Who isn’t a little unnerved when faced with puppets? There is also a strong theme throughout which is based on the Shakespearean play The Tempest, which is apparently currently on show at the theatre. This makes the walk through the mirror on stage to the other areas, and ultimately to the boss, all the more disturbing.

  1. Toluca Prison
Silent Hill | Toluca Prison Screenshot

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Toluca Prison makes its only appearance to date in Silent Hill 2, arguably the most popular and well received title in the series. It is a very ominous section of the game, made even more sinister since the player has had to descend stairs and climb down holes for what feels like an age before finally reaching their destination. There they are met with multiple monsters, gritty decaying walls and many other creepy occurrences.

Silent Hill | Toluca Prison | Morgue

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Invisible, harmless creatures chanting in empty prison cells. Gallows equipped with nooses and the sound of horses in the distance. A gruesome morgue, and messages and notes from previous occupants. As a terrifying bonus, another scare awaits those brave enough to knock on the locked door in the women’s bathroom.

  1. Midwich Elementary School
Silent Hill | Midwich Elementary School Screenshot

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One of the earliest locations you encounter in the first game of the series, it is fairly impressive that this still makes the list after all these years. Although the graphics have greatly improved since this initial title, there is still something about this location that still regularly freaks out players around the world. Let’s be honest, who would want to be stuck in a primary school in the middle of the night with empty desks and creepy messages written all over?

Silent Hill | Midwich Elementary School | Undead Kids

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Throw in some strange noises, blood on piano keys, unsettling monsters that look and act like kids, and you have a recipe for recurring nightmares. This first “stage” or location in the Silent Hill franchise certainly let players know what they were in for.

  1. Brookhaven Hospital
Silent Hill | Brookhaven Hospital Screenshot

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The hospitals in the Silent Hill franchise are sure to top most players’ creepiest locations list, and we have chosen to include Brookhaven as opposed to Alchemilla due to the hospital areas in the second and third game being much more distressing than the others. Nurses are abound, as well as empty wheelchairs traversing the corridors. Both the physically ill and mentally ill are treated here, and as you investigate you realise that perhaps the treatment of these patients was not what you’d expect, possibly explaining the hostility of the nurse monsters.

Silent Hill | Brookhaven Hospital Screenshot

Konami Digital Entertainment

Nobody likes hospitals at the best of times, whether from a patient or a visitor’s perspective, but after encountering Brookhaven Hospital you will never shrug off that uneasy feeling of walking down a hospital corridor. We should also mention the infamous storeroom on the third floor in Silent Hill 3, one of the most memorable moments throughout the entire series.

So there we have it, five terrifying and unpleasant locations from the Silent Hill series. Of course everywhere you go in Silent Hill you are bound to encounter something nasty or unfriendly, and you will be hard pushed to find any kind of safe haven in the games.

Welcome to Silent Hill Sign

There are many areas and buildings that could have made the list and were omitted, but these are the ones that stuck with us and continue to keep us up at night. What do you think? What are your top picks for the creepiest places in the Silent Hill games?