Top 5 Bad-ass Anime Yandere

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There are many kinds of “-dere’s” in today’s world of anime and manga. Fans who see a character archetype affectionately dub these characters as “-dere”, in accordance with the way that they show their love.

The most famous archetype is the tsundere, who withdraws from showing any kind of positive emotion when their crush or love interest is around. This kind of person instead tries to negate everything the person says, and would deny wanting to spend any time with him or her. The tsundere’s affection is hard-won, and it is very rare to find moments when they are caring towards you.

Bad-ass Anime Yandere

The Yandere, on the other hand, would outwardly reveal a warm and caring side of them to the person they are affectionate with. However, this is a kind of destructive and violent love, as it reveals that their affection can be too much and may lead to aggressiveness.

Bad-ass Anime Yandere

This is where the imagery of “I’ll love you to death” comes from. This kind of moe is harder to find, but is still celebrated as wonderful plot twists in anime and manga. So here is our top 5 most bad-ass anime yandere.

  1. Gasai Yuno: Mirai Nikki

This pink-haired schoolgirl is infamous for being the most messed up character in the entire Mirai Nikki series. Gasai Yuno was able to completely defeat and murder serial killers and police veterans twice her size all for the sake of her unending love.

When she is introduced, she is simply an innocent-looking kid with a crush, but completely evolves into a possessive stalker who smiles while she murders you with a chainsaw.

  1. Aragaki Ayase: Oreimo

Have you ever met that girl who you believe has the biggest potential for turning yandere? Meet Ayase: the “overprotective” best friend.

While Yuno is outright shameless about her Yandere ways, Yuno will deny it over and over again while silently planning the demise of everyone around the person she wants to keep to herself. Totally not a serial killer. Yet.

  1. Mizuki Himeji: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

True to her name, Himeji is a princess both inside and out. However, cross the proximity of her love interest Akihisa and you might bring out a side of her that nobody has ever seen before.

She doesn’t even seem that aware of her Yandere version, choosing instead to ignore when people who witness it seem scared of her afterwards. She is able to bring it out with the best timing, too; with everyone else learning just how scary a possessive person can get when they cross that invisible line.

  1. School Days

Bad-ass Anime Yandere

School Days is that one anime that is filled with a lot of messed up things that you don’t ever want to deal with. One of them is the concept of being surrounded by Yandere from all sides.

They can do stalker-ish things like fake phone calls and bullying, and may even reach to the level of outright murder of other females in the vicinity of the one they want to themselves.

  1. Sonozaki Shion: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

Infamous for being the one Yandere who became a main villain, Sonozaki is the character who had a mental breakdown in Higurahi no Naku Koro Ni. Any Yandere list would immediately include her.

She seems like any other character from any anime, but this girl is actually capable of mass murder due to her feelings for Satoshi.

These are the craziest, and most messed up characters in anime history. But they are only this way due to the extent of their emotions. Do you have any characters similar to them? Let us know in the comments below!