Top 5 Annoying Things Non-gamer Friends Do

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Sometimes it is hard talking to non-gamers about games. They just look completely bored as if somehow in the middle of the conversation, you have just shifted to a different language. Well there is always strength in knowing that you are not alone, so here is our Top 5 Annoying Things our Non-gamer Friends Do.

  1. Believe being inside playing games means you are bored.

Instead of your friend joining the game or waiting for their turn, they decide to drag you to one of their “parties” because you are bored.

  1. Believe watching T.V. is better than playing games.

They say playing games is a useless waste of time, but binge-watching an entire series isn’t? There the same thing! We just like to waste our time playing games.

  1. Talking during cut scenes.

You are fully immersed in your characters story and you’ve just beaten that one long dungeon and you’re about to find out the fate of your toon, only to have your friend ask you million questions. You want to be nice so you say yes to anything and everything they say hoping that will shut them up for a while. But you unknowingly agreed to go out to yet another social gathering.

  1. Forcing you to socialize with “their” friends.

You’ve already agreed to go so now you feel obligated to drag yourself to some gawd awful party filled with people saying OMG! That looks sooo fetch!! You wince wishing you could block them like some annoying gold seller pm’ing you.

  1. Not understanding you already socialize.

This is one thing your non-gamer friends will probably never understand and that is you already socialize. You play with friends from all over the world and you do it from the comfort of your own home. But to them socializing almost always means going out, getting drunk and stumbling home – yeah that sounds great >.< – We just want to chill at home thanks!