Top 5 Anime to Re-watch from the 90s

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The 90’s generation, also known as “The Millennials”, do love to reminisce about their childhoods. It’s difficult for younger ones to relate, and it’s not as amusing for them to view or interact with any conversations that talk about concepts they have not experienced.

However, there are certain gems to be found in 90’s anime. Most 90’s anime touches upon the idea of an alternate universe, and each writer explores that idea fully by creating their own universe. It was also a great era for the fantasy and mecha genre. Excluding the most popular, we will list a few of the ones that touched our hearts.

  1. Gundam Wing

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is the sixth of its series, but nevertheless it is one of the most popular worldwide. In its heyday, it was the top rated program for viewers of various ages. Several adaptations, spin-offs and sequels have been made, and it is still selling well today.

  1. Escaflowne

Another mecha anime, this story revolves around a female who is transported to another world. She gets involved in the political struggles in this world, due to her psychic powers. The mecha used is more biological than metal in creation and it uses organic material for control.

  1. Monster Rancher

This is one anime adapted from a video game, which is also titled Monster Rancher. They released it in 1999, with 73 episodes about a boy who wins a game and is transported to the world where he is able to interact and fight with monsters of different shapes and colours. He then goes on a journey with a few companions to release the world from its tyrannical dictator.

  1. Sorcerer Hunters

This story is about an alternate world where there are magic users named Sorcerers and normal people named Parsoners. The Sorcerers are generally abusive and murderous towards Parsoners, and thus a group of warriors was created to keep them in control.

  1. Magic Knight Rayearth

Created by CLAMP, this series uses elements from mecha, magical girl fantasy and parallel world stories to merge into a story about three girls transported to a world they have to save through the use of mecha giants they control with their bodies. The plot deepens later on, revealing more about the world and the characters that they interact with.

Mecha and fantasy play a huge role in many classic anime from the 90s. There are still many other great titles for both manga and anime, and most of them are still available today. They have survived to the present era for a reason. So start hunting them down! You will not be disappointed.