That Moment In: Every Xbox 360 Owners Life

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Life in the current gen console era is pretty sweet. We got 1080p, 60 frames per second, social media integrated with our gaming, and the all sought out streaming capability. We’ve seen a boom of exciting things but sometimes it’s fun to look back on what used to be and in this case, it’s time we had a look back at the beginning days of early Xbox 360.

  1. Pure bliss when your busy day was over and you heard this:
  1. Hopping into Call of Duty for the first time:
  1. The return of this guy:
  1. First time playing online coop:
  1. Custom music option
  1. Meeting your gaming soulmate
  1. Unlocking your first achievement
  1. Xbox circle had two red rings
  1. Then it got three red rings
  1. But it was okay because you either got it fixed, or you got a new one