Four Games Coming This Fall That I Think JRPG Fans Should Look Into

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Autumn is coming, thank goodness. Cooler air, hoodies, streets lined up with golden, crispy leaves, it’s quite the wonderland. It’s also a time in which many of us gamers are looking forward to the drought of summer releases to finally dissipate.

And with August coming to an end, we again turn our heads in the direction of what to look forward to as the days grow shorter. While there are quite a few games coming out, here’s a batch that I think is particularly interesting.


1.Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS4 and Xbox One, Early October)

I spent close to 200 hours traversing the world in Dragon’s Dogma and it’s expansion the Dark Arisen. The story itself isn’t perfect but is presented is very engaging and does have one of the best ending fights and sequences I’ve experienced in years.

You creator your character in the beginning, as you become a chosen one whose heart is eaten by a dragon. Dark Arisen is dungeon heavy expansion which takes you deep into a winding path of a story that you piece together as you go.

Expect to be challenged but also expect to be rewarded for you effort. I can’t tell you how good it felt when I finished the game. And much like the main story, the story that unravels in the deep dungeon is quite interesting too. It even tugs at the heartstrings.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version boasts better graphics and some minor tweaks.



2.Dot Hack G.U.: Last Recode (PS4, Early November)

This one is easily the MOST anticipated title for me this coming fall! I played the original trilogy of Dot Hack GU over a decade ago. While it was a slog at times, it ultimately left me with some very fond memories.

I can’t wait to see Atoli and the rest of the gang again this November. In the same tradition as the recent Final Fantasy X/X2 and XII remasters, Dot Hack will include bolster graphics at 1080p and a few other things:

  • Increased Moving Speed – Characters will be able to move faster outside of battles for easier exploration
  • Power Up – Damage done to enemies have increased to improve the pace of battle
  • Reduction of Stun Time – Another improvement to the pace of battle, the amount of stun time has been reduced for quicker battle response and attacks
  • Increase in Exp. Points – Level up quicker with increased experience points after each battle
  • Retry Mode – In the original games, after players were defeated in battle, they would have to return to title screen to restart from the last checkpoint, players will now be allowed to try the same battle again without having to begin all over again
  • And much more…

Except to hear a lot about it in the coming months!

“I AM RIGHT HERE!” … Sorry, couldn’t resist.



3.Vampyr (Windows, PS4, Xbox One, November 2017) 

I hesitantly put Vampyr on this because I’m still not sure if I’m completely on board yet. The devs for the game are Dontnod, who created Life Is Strange and Remember Me.

I have fond memories of both games (no pun intended), and so I’m cautiously optimistic when looking at the inevitable release of this game. It’s an action RPG, and much more western then the others.

It’s more choice driven and promises to give us an interesting play on the vampire mythology.



4.Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Windows, PS4, PS Vita, Early September)

As a long time JRPG fan, I hate to admit but I have only recently become familiar with Falcom and feel ashamed of myself for it. I instantly fell in love with their Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel video game.

It’s got an easy to understand combat system that amps up in difficulty with the story so that you feel both challenged and rewarded. The story is long and elaborate and well thought out.

The twist at the end was just – whoa! After playing it, it did more research on their other games and found out about the YS series. While I did buy YS Memories of Celceta, I never really gave the series a shot.

That changes with Lacrimosa, which seems to take the parts of Celceta that I like and extend on them in many ways. The game is long, from what I hear, and has a good storyline to it, and the series as a whole in a lot like Legend of Heroes as has a deep history for being consistently good.


Now…if only fall could hurry up and get here already!


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