Five Things We Hope Mass Effect Andromeda Delivers On

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is easily one of our most anticipated games in the early 2017 gaming cycle. While the controversy soured a bit of the Mass Effect 3 PR, we at PopGeekly still consider it to be one of the greatest games of the previous console era. And it’s with this in mind that we have high expectations in hopes that Andromeda will take what ME3 did right and improve on it but also take the backlashes and fix them. Here’s five things we hope the game delivers on.

  1. Exploration

One of the things that was missing from the later entries in the series was a sense of exploration. While we had loads of fun in the atmospheric places of the ME universe, there were moments where we wanted to delve deeper into the cultures that came before. Remember when you went to Tuchanka and saw the ancient drawings? Yeah.

  1. More emotional range.

One of the things that we loved in ME3 was the ability to let Shepard emote more. Prior, Shepard has a harder time feeling like a character who emoted during difficult moments. Sure we’d get a judge here and there but it wasn’t until we failed to assist the Asari home world, or saw Kaidan (or Ashley) nearly beaten to a death that Shepard truly felt human. We hope that they will continue to allow for such emotional range.

  1. Romance inclusivity.

You saw this one coming. Now that ME3 and Bioware’s other franchise Dragon Age has given us the range of both straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual couplings, we hope that this attention to detail continues in Andromeda. Bioware has become one of the staple developers in promoting inclusiveness and diversity in their games. We have a strong  feeling they won’t let us down.

  1. A vehicle that is fun to drive.

The Mako. Ugh. That thing makes going back to play ME1 a bit of a chore. It handles like a broken remote control car and was something we weren’t sad to see go in ME3. Even ME2’s vehicle had some annoying moments. They did say that a vehicle was coming but that they were actively working to make sure it’s not a Mako part two.

  1. More of the Bioware storytelling we love.

Mass Effect’s story was a great one. Shepard is easily one of the greatest heroes we’ve played in Sci-Fi games ever. It’s a lot to live up to. Hopefully the new protagonist, Ryder, will be the same. So far, we’ve got a more family centric story which will be an interesting experience.