Five Things That Caught Our Eye From Attack On Titan’s Newest Trailer

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Right before Christmas hit us, it seemed like Funimation and Kodansha were ready to steal the thunder from good old Santa! They brought us the present of a trailer that showed us a nice teaser of what’s to come for the long awaited second season of the beloved Attack On Titan. While the trailer is fast and beautiful, if you slow it down, you actually get to learn quite a bit about the up coming anime, what to expect, and even learn more if you’re familiar with the manga. We decided to look at five things that caught our eyes in the new trailer.

Be warned though! Big spoilers ahead for those of you who may not be familiar with the manga. You’ve been warned!!!

1. Humanity being protected by Titans?!

Of course those of you that seen the first season know  that Eren is working in league with humanity and using his Titan powers to protect them, but anime fans don’t know how far that assistance goes. Are there other people who are also protecting humanity with Titans?

This is one of biggest questions that the season will undoubtedly tackle. It shows that the politics of Attack on Titan’s world are far more intricate and even dirty then we first realized.

2. The Walls Speak of Secrets

Many people remember the shocking final moments of the last episode of season one, in which a piece of the wall falls off and underneath…are Titans! This undoubtedly will have fans reeling and probably is a sore spot for those who are still waiting.

Those familiar with the manga won’t be shocked as they know that the walls incorporate Titan skeletons in them to keep away Titans and protect humans. On top of this, there are indeed Titans who are kept within humanity’s walls also, but this still is only the surface of their revelations.

3. A Showdown Between Eren and Armored Titan

To say that fans are waiting to see Eren whoop Armored Titan’s ass is an understatement. The two duel in the new trailer but things don’t look too great for Eren.

Eren is sent flying from one mighty hit, hinting that the Armored Titan is going to be one hell of a challenge, but then again what isn’t in this world?

This hints at the two shocking twists of who the Armored and the Colossus Titans are … major spoiler warning Reiner and Bertolt. Expect there to be a lot of emotional introspection from Eren and a lot of dramatic eye shaking and heavy breathing.

4. Introducing the Beast Titan

This is a whopper of a reveal in the trailer which caught even the most sleepyhead of fans who saw the trailer and that’s the reveal of the Beast Titan. He not only looks different but he’s also a bit more eerie looking then the Titans, and that’s a pretty hard thing to pull off.

He’s got those crazy creepy eyes but also has the fur and reminds us of a Planet of the Apes type of deal! Just look at the way he grins. His role in the narrative becomes more and more intricate as time goes on and he’s even got a connection to Eren, as manga fans will already know.

5. All Story and No Filler

If there was anything we all loved the most about the first season was that it didn’t have filler like most anime out there. We don’t get caught up on the melodrama of the lives of all the characters and we get to avoid many of the stereotypes that’s come with it.

Unlike the atrocities the live action movie took, the second season seems like it’s going to avoid that and stick with its manga material. That means straight up story told at a breakneck speed and characters and philosophical questions about life that you can easily fall into.