Five Reasons Why Being a Weeaboo Rocks!

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Weeaboo is a word that many Japanese pop culture enthusiasts cringe when they hear. To many of them it’s a shameful way of saying that someone is an annoying super fan. But we here at PopGeekly wear the name weeaboo like a badge of honor. We think that being a weeaboo rocks and here’s five reasons why!

  1. Japanese anime and manga tell intricate stories.

Weeaboos get to experience intricate stories which sometimes explore themes that western culture is too nervous to take on. What this does is it gives us the advantage of thinking outside of the box, exploring life in a more complex and original format.

  1. We’re learning about a different culture.

Weeaboos are learning about Japanese culture without even realizing it! Many of these stories we experience take on different topics from Japanese culture and help out things in perspective. For instance, when we see the salary man trope, we see how important hard work in Japanese culture is but we also see how stressful it can be too.

  1. We learn to accept different ways of thinking and living.

Alongside being exposed to a different culture, we also gain the ability to understand and sympathize with different people from totally different cultures. We learn that there are indeed cultures beyond our own and that they have their own set of ideals. Sometimes they’re even cooler than ours! Other times, we learn to appreciate what we have.

  1. We find something that we love and others who love it too.

Finding a place to belong in the world is a universal thing. Being a weeaboo and falling in love with Japanese culture is a way in which we learn to connect with other humans. Love Sword Art Online? Well so does that other person who’s listen to the soundtrack!

  1. Because accepting who you are, regardless of what others think is important.

Weeaboo is such a hated term because it represents obsession and other stereotypes of the geek culture. However those us who are brace it enough to stand up and admit it have been able to learn to stand up against the bullies of the world and tell them:

This is who I am, no matter what you say.

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