Visual Novel: Vestr’s Story

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Vestr’s Story is our latest obsession! The game, created by Kayla/Rui Jin, is a funny and endearing tale about a prince who isn’t ready to give his heart to a woman he doesn’t love.

“In a small island nation known as the Mesec Kingdom, Prince Vestr’s eighteenth birthday soon approaches. Coming of age means coming one step closer to his spot on the throne, but that is the least of his problems. Now that he is about to enter adulthood, his father and mother both push for him to marry Princess Lucetta of Rosaria, a person who he only sees as a friend from another country. As nice a girl she is, his interests lie elsewhere.”

The first thing that stood out about Vestr’s Story was the artistic style. The art contains a more rounded, less angular look to its edges. This makes it stand out from the typical anime style game just enough that it grabs your attention, but not enough that anime style otome fans will be disgruntled with it. Vestr’s style (or whomever you choose to call him as his name can be changed) is adorable, even if there were times when his princely attitude made us roll our eyes.

The writing is simple and clean. We did not have any problems going through the demo, and even found a few laughing out loud moments with Vestr’s bodyguard Ninoslav. It’s pretty obvious from the get go that these two don’t get along for the sake of possibly falling in love later on in the story.

Speaking of love, there are two different romantic choices you have in the game: Ninoslav and Lio. The latter’s inclusion may peak the interest of some players because he relates to the story in an interesting way. But we don’t want to give everything away!

The story itself is 39,055-words long and is built to be more of a sit-back-and-enjoy-the-story type of game. There are a few pretty obvious decisions you’ll have to make in the beginning of the game which will determine if you’re going to end up with Ninoslav or Lio. This could be a bit bothersome for those who prefer more choices. However, the story is engaging enough to not have to rely on choices.

So give Vestr’s Story’s a try the demo is currently available here for you to check out! Also be sure to check out more titles from the dev too!