Visual Novel: Signed and Sealed with a Kiss

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A game that allows you to “raise” your own boyfriend by molding his personality to your liking.”

My time with the demo of the sci fi/slice of life visual novel Signed and Sealed with a Kiss were surprisingly charming, witty, and most importantly intriguing.

I say surprisingly not because I expected a terrible demo, but I expect to get a not-so-satisfying taste of the game that many demos tend to offer.

In many cases it’s not the developers fault. They are asking for funding for a reason after all.

Signed and Sealed went the extra part and allowed players to play what felt a like a full chapter.

“You get an unexpected package delivery one day. When you open it, there’s a man inside – but luckily, he comes with instructions! You have your own impressionable boyfriend. It’s your duty to shape him into a proper person… since he’s actually a “doll” with no past exposure to people.

However, this delivery wasn’t meant for you. Will you fall in love with the person he turns out to be? Will you be able to keep him by your side?”

There was character development on both ends (the character you plays as and name, and your cyborg boyfriend).

There’s a cool chemistry between them. Your character is very tsundere, but is given a sarcastic sense of humor which helps to bring some laugh-out-loud moments.

Your boyfriend is a shell of man when you meet him but even then he’s got some character to him, as he’s both a bit of a flirt and even a bit of a smart ass him.

Though one does wonder if this is him picking up some of your character’s attributes.

The writing that was presented in the demo is easy to read and toes the line between sparse wording and being too wordy.

There were nice little moments of reflection which were longer, probably about a paragraph if written out, and others that were fairly quick in execution.

This back and forth shift in length helped to enhance the tone.

The full game promises some enticing elements:

  • Influence Boyfriend by choosing what pastimes and jobs he takes  
  • Raise your affection with Boyfriend during visual novel sections
  • Choose which pronouns he calls you by
  • Watch as his looks change depending on his personality
  • Partial voice acting for each personality
  • An array of random events, allowing for better replayability
  • Two distinct endings per personality  
  • Special, unlockable sexy scenes (R17), unique to each personality
  • Three bonus unlockable scenes

With 20 days currently left on the project, Jackie Maillet’s creation can come to fruition.

It’s at 76% of $500 CAD right now. And we’d love to see the full version of it available once it succeeds.

Help Jackie here and learn more about the project as well.


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