Visual Novel: Omni Link – Science fiction

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If you haven’t looked into the visual novel titled “Omni Link – Science Fiction” or it’s up coming manga adaptation, you’re missing out! Eldon Harris, the creator of the VN and manga describes it as a adventure that puts romance as secondary element to the story, which will help make it stand out in the VN crowd.

“Omni Link is an action packed adventure with a touch of romance. The interactions between the characters which includes love and friendship is an important part of the story. I wouldn’t say it’s a space opera, it’s more an action story, but has some intense dramatic moments.

It features the characters below and a few more not posted who as part of a crew overcome hardships, and loss, as they come together to stop an entity called the Virus. It has cool fights, intense space combat and epic brawls.”

“Dawn (aka ectype d-7) is a hologram becoming human throughout the story, Keb is trying to build a future while watching everything be taken away and Arcadia has lost her past and is driven by guilt. The Virus itself… unnamed, remains a mystery. What you’re told in the story surrounding this mystery may not be true, but in testing I’ve been able to convince the reader to think they know what’s going on.

I think this is something that hasn’t been done before in this manner. I’m adding to this a heavy dose of really cool fights such as you’d find in your favorite shows. And believe me, some of the characters and abilities are really cool. The best being Omni Link.”

The dev is currently launching a successful Kickstarter for the manga version, which promises a whopping size of a narrative as well.

“We’ve taken care of everything else. Including: two original songs, a playable and fun video game (with me as the lone developer with the help of my friend and talented artist Marfrey), and a story with 300 pages of dialogue and counting.”

The release date for the manga project is currently penned for a November 2017, according to the Kickstarter.

They surpassed their goal with $4,320 pledged of their $3,000 goal! Check out the game on Steam here!