Retro Play: Final Fantasy 6

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For many JRPGamers, especially the ones who are old enough to remember the 90s, Final Fantasy 6 is considered the apex of the sixteen bit JRPG era. It has one of the most mature stories in a FF series, one in which isn’t afraid to thrust its characters in a “what happens when the world DOES end” scenario, some of the most memorable characters, and one of the best soundtracks of its time.

If you ask many veteran Final Fantasy fans what’s the best game in series, they’ll laugh when some fans say FF7, and say that it was indeed the one that came before it.

But not everyone knows about it, and at first it was very hard to find. Luckily back in 2014, Square Enix released it to the mobile platform, therefore making it easily accessible to those who are curious about it, or those who crave the nostalgia. It’s literally in your hand now! And what’s cool about the iOS version is that, speaking of story, the dev team redid the translation because let’s me honest…the previous endeavors, though full of heart, have been laughed at for some of its more memorable errors.

There was a bit of a controversy revolving around the reimagined character designs in the iOS, however we ourselves didn’t find too much contempt with them. The controls, at first, were a bit on the wonky side, but an update and some time with them made it easier. The backgrounds are nice and retain a lot of their sixteen bit charm.

Even as a mobile JRPG, it just works well. The story bits are enriching but they aren’t too long so you can play it on the go. But then again if you’re playing a JRPG on the mobile, you probably already expect that there will be moments that you do have to involve yourself. And no you won’t bugged that you have to. If anything you’re going to cry. Opera scene anyone?

FF6 a great retro journey waiting for you! Check out the trailer below!