Retro Play: Dragon Age: Origins

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Back in 2009, Bioware unleashed what would become the next big Fantasy series Dragon Age: Origins. With Mass Effect being their other big franchise, it was nice to see that both Fantasy and sci if fans had their fill of adventure. So what made Dragon Age: Origins so special? For its time wasn’t being innovative in its combat or trying to push boundaries in that manner, but it was taking what Bioware had started to develop with previous games, and added to it in some astounding ways.

Dragon Age: Origins is the title, because that’s where you’re story starts. You choose between several races – elf, dwarf, human – and then choose your background, and lastly your class. Interestingly enough though you also had your origin story tweaked if you played a mage.


Mages, you see, are an oppressed group in the game’s world. They are powerful and therefore must be locked up in places called Circles. And this is where things get exciting as your background is highly acknowledged by the rest of the world, in this case called Thedas.

If you’re a mage, expect for people to call you out or to question your motives. Same goes for being an elf, as they’re called “knife ears,” which is particularly insulting in this lore. What’s really cool is that no matter what race you choose, you will eventually be faced with a dilemma that’s both worldy and personal.


Dragon Age: Origins is very, VERY old school. You’ll find yourself running around with a four-man party, usually with a tank, a healer of some sort, and two damage based fighters. It is challenging for those who are not used to micromanaging but there is the easy mode which helps a lot.

But once you start to invest in the story, the characters, and the world, you’ll want to start investing in the combat as well and will probably want to amp up the challenge so that you can push your party and yourself to greater heights.

Another thing that makes Dragon Age: Origins so special is that it was one of the few games that allowed both male and female characters to romance another male and female character. Two characters named Lelianna and Zervan, are essentially bisexual, so both sexes can romance them. And romances in general are a big part of what can also immerse you in the game’s story.

Dragon Age: Origins definitely is a game that is worth playing even now. While it will show its Age in a couple of ways, it still holds its own in a battle with other RPGs.