Retro Play: Breath of Fire III

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Since Breath of Fire 3 made its ways into the PlayStation Store, its been quietly sitting there, either already bought by fans of the series or for those who are ready too give more recent JRPG’s a rest.

It’s very much Your by the numbers JRPG from an era that we can both love and get nostalgic about.

Fights are on a random counter and are menu based. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the soundtrack has that JRPG yesteryear feel to with its jazz oriented feel.

You play as Ryu who must tap into his inner dragon and most of the focus involved is how you’ll help him undergo these transformations.

Each of these transformations act as a lesson for our character. Graphically they look cool and you’ll find yourself summoning your favorite ones in order to lay waste to enemies.

There’s also a nice touch of detail added to all the places you’ll be visiting. The game feels alive and adds believability and depth to the experience.

There are even some rather oddball characters for you to run into, which makes exploring these nuances a little more inviting.

Gameplay-wise you’re going to get the traditional JRPG experience. There are going to be big and fun boss battles. There will also be those Ever tedious moments of fetch quests and running back and forth.

There are going to be some super exciting moments and there will be some that you’ll want to mash the button through, for JRPG fans this is standard fanfare.

But all in all the experience is very worthwhile and the combat stays addicting long enough that you’ll feel yourself coming back for more.