Retro Play: Battletoads

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During their hay day, the video game creator Rare were at the top of their well…. Game. They would become best known for their game Donkey Kong Country.

Before that they made a name for themselves doing other arcade games that were eventually ported to consoles, but one particular title prior to Donkey King that you should know about is Battletoads.

Battletoads came along during a time when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dominated the arcade realm and everyone was looking for the next Double Dragon clone.

The characters in this game are Pimple, Zitz, and Rash. Go ahead and giggle at that if you must. It undoubtedly reeks of 90’s kid power. Mainly in that let’s watch people get slimed on Nickelodeon kind of way.

Retro Play: Battletoads - Game Pic

The deal with these particular fighters were their Smash Hits. Consider them finishing blows for your enemies. They grew these comical hands which will total an enemy after you’ve taken a few hits at him.

What made the game different from Double Dragon and other games like it was the games platforming. For instance, you’d find yourself at the mercy of an up and coming obstacle which was indicated to you with a few seconds notice in the lower part of the screen.

Retro Play: Battletoads - Game Pic

Reminiscent of Mario Bros, you had to avoid touching things in the water levels as well. It helped to make the fighting less repetitive and added an element of complexity to the formulaic game, which would prove to be one of Starr’s biggest draws in future games.

Battletoads recently made a re-appearance on the Xbox One. If you haven’t had a chance to play the arcade game before, now’s your chance.  So give it a try and as always let us know what you think of this little flashback to the 90s

Retro Play: Battletoads - Game Pic