Feature Play: Horizon Zero Dawn

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Sony has definitely had some great exclusives and recently, they’ve hit gold once again with Horizon Zero Dawn.

The premise for the game is pretty fascinating. In this open world RPG style action game, there is a combination of primitivism with the ever exciting element of futuristic technology. In this case though, technology has won. Technology is in a sense humans of the world, as we have been pushed back to a caveman like era which is very influential in the game’s society.


The Horizon Zero Dawn was developed over five years by Guerilla Games, which is Sony’s Amsterdam based internal studio who has given us games like Killzone, which is surprisingly a first person shooter.

They prove that they are beyond one genre with Horizon Zero Dawn, which is arguably one of the more polished games on the PS4. You will definitely find yourself stopping the game’s progression for a moment as you pan out the camera and look at the distant mechanical monsters and the breathtaking… horizon.


The game is very reminiscent of other popular games Fary Cry and Mass Effect, in that it takes on the primitive nature of Far Cry but also has a story with a decision wheel which will affect how some people will react to you later in the game just like Mass Effect.

You follow Aloy. She’s a young woman who comes of age in this post-apocalyptic story. Aloy was born into this caveman like world and we know that there was a cataclysmic event that basically messed up their habitats.


Interestingly though the world had become a cleaner place as nature reclaimed the world but there is still the robots that live there. They’ve been created to symbolize birds, crabs, tigers, dinosaurs and others. And this is where Horizon Zero Dawn most definitely nails its presentations and originality.


Aloy is strong, she is complex but she is also still human in how she approaches story events. Her story is somewhat typical, being an outsider who will slowly find her way into being one of the most important people of the society for which rejected her.

The societies are matriarchal in their ruling and it is made obvious that she’s an outcast. From early on as a kid parents teach their offspring to not to talk with her.


At one point though she finds out from Rost who acts as her mentor and father figure, that there is a competition that can put her back in positive standing with the society. She commits to training for it. And this is where the world literally opens up for you as Aloy.

Aloy’s journey from the lands of the Nora one that you’re going to want to invest in as the world is vast and there are so many creative ways to take down enemies. And this is one of those games like Witcher 3 in which you can say is big but it’s not till you actual step into it that you’ll truly understand.

So step into it!