Feature Play: Exist Archive “The Other Side of the Sky”

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It’s been four months since we learned of an English language release of Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky. It feels like it’s been forever since any game inside the Valkyrie Profile universe has been released.

The last time that Valkyrie Profile fans got a proper sequel was in 2006, that was ten years ago and it didn’t seem like any game would take up the banner of comparing to it. At least that was until the announcement of the western release of Exist Archive.

Death. Gods. Side scrolling. Complex battle system. Engaging story. These are all things that Valkyrie Profile fans know all too well. You can trust that this game will have the same elements in it because the game was created by the key members of previous VP titles.

Artistically, Exist Archive isn’t VP. It is more anime in its style, with character designs that combine both the chibi and shounen styles together. The in game character models themselves seem a bit childlike, but this is what gives Exist Archive a polarizing charm.