Feature Play: Dragonball Xenoverse 2

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Dragon Ball Z has proven to be one of the biggest Japanese anime and manga franchises of all time. The charm lies in its ability to be intense and to ingrain in the audience to never give up! It’s the premiere idea of what a shounen hero stands for! And while the anime and the manga have done a good job of telling this story, the game’s around it haven’t been all that appealling in an MMO-ish do it yourself way. While Dragon Ball Xenoverse did well to establish the ground rules, its Xenoverse 2 that really does it right.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 tends to smooth out some of the harder edges that the first game contended with like the slightly clunky flying and combat mechanics. Here, we get the good fan Service that the fans will undoubtedly eat up, the fast paced arena style sky and land brawls, and even some progressive tools that make it feel like an MMO.

There is a cool fighter game meets MMORPG element to Xenoverse 2. It’s the perfect size to go all out on the epic DBZ style fights, which will be something fans of the show and manga will want to immerse themselves in.

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Although there will be fans who want to come for the story bits, the heart truly is found in the combat. Combat luckily works and you get that same rush in seeing all the chain combos unleashed. But don’t think that you’ll only be able to mash the button down and win. There is depth to the combat and you’ll have to work with your resource meter and the cancel mechanics within the system to win.

There is a meaty 40+ hour story for you to get into, but there’s so much to do beyond that, hence the MMO-ish elements. The online aspect of the game will lengthen the experience and also make for a rather exciting journey. Xenoverse 2 should not be missed! Check out the trailer below in all its awesomeness if you need anymore convincing!