Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen comes to PS4/Xbox One late 2017

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Here’s why I’m excited what it could mean for the franchise moving forward. I’m not gonna lie, I freaked the hell out when Capcom announced this past summer that Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is coming to PS4/Xbox One.

I enjoyed the game on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game was immersive, with a world you were forced to traverse on foot for a large portion of the game.

I didn’t mind because it was a world that was chock full of danger and a day/night cycle you had to be mindful of because if you spent too much time hanging outside, night would fall and you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by the difficult night crawlers and the living dead that come in waves.

This could mean death in the earlier parts of the game. The game also features the Pawn system, in which you customize not only your own hero but your hero’s pawn, a vessel of a human who will follow you around, helping you heed the call of the dragon you meet in the beginning.

The way to direct this character will determine how they act later in game. Since I preferred being in the backdrop, I made mine aggressive and gave him a sword and shield. He was overprotective and I loved it.

I have a slew of memorable moments with these two as they traversed the land and then took on the deep dungeon presented in the Dark Arisen expansion.

It was difficult, and yes I got angry at certain points, but the frustration was worth it. You learned from them and then felt like a total bad ass when you went back to take on one of the many incredible bosses.

I am so ready to jump back into the role of the Arisen, in a higher definition, which I’m assuming will be closer to the recently released PC port of the game. But it’s not just the nostalgia that makes me excited about this game’s release.

It’s what its success could mean for the franchise moving forward.

Japan has been lucky as they received an online version of Dragon’s Dogma, which has received a nice blend of praise of criticisms. A friend of mine has played it on his PS4 after making a Japanese account and enjoys it.

Something tells that if this HD remaster hits a certain sales number, it will turn more heads at Capcom. They will see that we are excited for more of the franchise.

It could mean that we may see DD Online released over here!

I know it’s mostly wishful thinking but let’s be honest – money speaks in the gaming industry. That’s why we’re even getting another version of the game on current consoles to begin with. They’re turning a profit.

And where there is one chance for profit, there will be the desire for more.

More can also include a sequel to the game as well. Reviews on both the original game and the Dark Arisen expansion show that critics and gamers alike welcomed the franchise with open arms.

So I’ll be crossing my fingers, hoping that Capcom sees this as a road leading to more Dragon’s Dogma goodness!


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